Climbing Grips for Home Use or Party Venues.

Climbing Grips for Home use or Party Venues.

See the best selection of climbing grips and rock walls for your backyard or commercial playground! You can keep the kids busy climbing at home with purpose-made climbing walls build your own wall with kid friendly climbing grips. Climbing grips are suitable for kids so they can learn how to use their coordination. Playground climbing walls is very fun in a playpark, because children alway challenge themselves and other kids to prove they are the best. Our Kids Playground Sets of climbing grips are designed specifically with kids in mind. Bright colors, fun shapes, and skin-friendly texture make our sets the best on the market.


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Home climbing walls.

Bring the adventure of climbing into your home! Residential climbing walls let climbers scale the walls in their rec rooms, bedrooms and home gyms.

Our options include a Do-It-Yourself kit, self-installation or professional installation.

Kids Slides have identified the need for kids to climb, at a young age we know how busy bodies they can be.


Climbing grips is great for improving upper body strength and also great for building up confidence from a young age.

We can manufacture in any color required with images, move mouse over image for description.


Call us today and let us bring some water fun to your back yard.



Physical, Mental and Social

The benefits of rock climbing can be summed up into 3 main areas; Physical, Mental and Social.

• Hands and fingers strength.

• Shoulder, neck and upper back strength.

• Self confidence.

• Motor skills.

• Trust and build character.

• Healthy fun and entertainment.

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