Amazing Colors Available on Slides by Kids Slides.

Choose The Color Of Your Playground, Resort, Pool or Jungle Gym Slides.

Jungle Gym Slides are made of durable, colourful, fade-resistant, UV-treated and safe to use.These slides are available in any color that you would like. We manufacture the slide according to you as you would like. From now on you don’t need to search for the the right color slide you can simply tell us what you want and we make it for you. We can also put multi colors on 1 slide if you pref-fer that. All our slides are sprayed by hand and not machines, this is to ensure that all our products are top class and not neglected in any way.


We manufacture the following high quality slides at Kids Slides

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UV Filters Against Sun

Sunshine Yellow

Baby Blue

Baby Powder Pink

Snow White

We have a variety of colors to choose from for your slide. We can make it pink, purple, white, black, Grey, brown, lime green, dark green, heaven blue, dark blue, yellow and orange. We want to make the slide exactly like you want to and what color you want it. We offer the best quality as we use a marine gel-coat so that our slides don’t fade in the sun. We also add glitter into the color pigments. We use RAL pigments that are the most beautiful colors you have ever seen. We have a color for every occasion or fashion taste. All our slides are hand polished and therefor you will see the color pigments even more perfectly. We will not disappoint you, because all our color pigments are bright and will definitely get your attention right away.

Springbok Green

Orange Orange

Heaven Blue

Barbie Pink

Light Grey

Lime Green

Fire Truck Red

Royal Blue

Barney Purple

Chocolate Brown

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