Monster Slides and Water Park Slides and Tubes.

Monster Slides for Water Parks and Party Venues.

Bring a ton of fun to your backyard with the Monster slides by Kids Slides. We help you escape the oridnary with great fiberglass slides and accessories. Kids Slides has a lot of water slides to offer one ‘advanced’ slide, one straight and fast ‘speed’ slide, and one ‘junior’ slide for smaller kids, all at Kids Slides.  Here at Kids Slides, we can design and produce any Custom monster  Slide of your dreams! Whether for an outdoor setting, as a stand-alone slide, as a pool slide, as replacement slide for a public playground, or a fast and fun way for your kids to get down to the living room, we have the expertise to accomplish the project. Custom Monster Slides are designed and created from fiberglass. Kids slides designs special monster slides for playgrounds all over the world – and we are always and right from the beginning ready to help you get exactly what you want and need. Be inspired by pictures of our unique monster slides here on our website or in our brochure.Kids slides monster slides have proven they are worthwhile. Quality and play value are first priority. Monster slides can easily be added to any play structures and are perfect as waterpark slides. We will design your own individual monster slide for you.But it’s not only the tickling in the tummy that is good about our monster slides. Slides help children learn about distance and speed and strengthen their motor skills as well as their balance sense. All these things are basics for the children’s physical and mental development.


We manufacture the following high quality slides at Kids Slides

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New Water Parks

We power the best parks in the world: well planned, expertly manufactured, artfully built, and instantly recognized.

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Kids Slides is a global leader in water slide manufacturing and water park design and transformation. We manufacture professional slides guaranteed to last a very long time and increase revenue to resorts, water parks and kids party venues.



Great rides to please all

The backbone of successful water parks is the rides. And Kid Slides makes the best rides in Africa and  Europe.

• Iconic signature attractions create the ‘wow’ factor.

• Classic favorites round out the guest experience.

• Award-winning ride performance keeps guests coming back.

• High capacity rides and innovations minimize lineups.

• A wide variety of rides and sizes let you entertain all demographics, increasing reach and keeping guests in the park longer.

• Customized rides fit your space perfectly.


A solid master plan

To take their new park to the next level, the most prestigious new  water parks in Africa bring in Kids Slides park planners at the very earliest stages for our best practice knowledge, creativity and innovation.

To ensure a highly successful park, Kids Slides water park designers help you:

• Use your space to best advantage and overcome constraints.

o Outdoors: Benefit from topography and natural features, and make the park truly belong in the site.

o Indoors: Put your building’s entire volume to great use.

• Offer the perfect entertainment value for your budget, thrilling guests and maximizing revenues

• Ensure optimal guest flow and experience.

• Develop a creative and fully immersive themed environment.



Kids Slides  rides stand the test of time, ensuring your attractions hold their entertainment value for years to come.

We can also help you plan for ongoing expansion to drive guests back to your water park year after year. Best done during initial park planning, a long-term expansion strategy ensures you use your site most effectively, roll-out new attractions strategically and have a clear understanding of the ROI.


Partner with the best

Kids Slides has been in the business since 1970. No one knows water parks better.

Kids Slides  has been instrumental in shaping various parks in Africa and around.





Whether you’re replacing an existing ride or adding attractions in a new area, our extensive experience and deep knowledge of best practices can answer all of your critical questions:


What do we really need?

We start by understanding your situation and needs. Are you looking to generate more buzz and higher attendance? Better serve families? Increase capacity? Our recommendations respond to your needs.


Where will the new ride go?

We can help you find a spot that saves construction costs, minimizes the disruption and gives great sight-lines for big impact. We’ll provide price points, capacities, advantages and ride experiences for each option.


How to make it truly fit in?

Kids Slides water park planning service ensures your new rides fit into the park flow, integrate with their neighbors, provide maximum visual impact and much more.


What are the best building practices?

We work with you to determine the most cost effective way to access and build on the chosen spot. What equipment do you need? What is the best access route for the least disruption? We get creative. We’ve built a temporary bridge across a lazy river.


Custom design

Customizing water slides is a fundamental part of what we do. This approach is essential in expansion projects, where rides must often fit into very tight or awkward spaces.

We have created the widest range of fiberglass parts in the industry to tailor rides perfectly for the available space. Weaving in, out and around each other and nearby structures.


Innovative products

Kids Slides  has the biggest mix of water rides. In every size and every category. And we’re the only supplier with a full range of mini-sized iconic rides for kids. This variety means expanding parks can easily find the right rides to fill gaps in space, demographics and thrill level.

We’ve also developed many ride innovations for tight spaces:

Kids Slides  exit channels: more compact than a pool with the same large capacities.

Compact start tubs allow for smaller, space-saving tower platforms.

• Custom complexes, massive and efficient entertainment hubs with many rides on a single tower, make the most of space and infrastructure budget.


Our deep understanding of operational best practices  leads to smart design. Stairways and queuing areas that eliminate bottlenecks. Ride layouts that reduce the number of attendants and lifeguards. Efficient raft and tube return and storage.



Custom outdoor slides

We customize every ride to make the most of your site’s natural features. With the widest range of fiberglass parts, we can ensure your water slides truly belong in your site.

This design flexibility also saves you money. We’re able to take full advantage of your topography – using hills and saving on steel wherever possible.


Innovative water slides

Kids Slides water rides are legendary. Iconic attractions, superior ride performance and constant innovation ensure happy riders, bigger buzz, repeat visits and higher revenues. Years later, Kids Slides rides are just as exciting as the day they were installed.

With the most ride types and sizes in every category, Kids Slides makes it easy to entertain your full range of guests. And keep them in the park longer.

With more designs than any other water slide manufacturer, Kids Slides helps you achieve the highest capacities. Our many innovations – like patented entry and exit systems – raise throughput and efficiency even more.


Expert outdoor park planning

Offer too little entertainment and guests won’t return. Offer too much and you delay your return on investment.

Based on a deep understanding of water park best practices, our master planning team helps you establish the right entertainment level for your budget. We:

• Calculate your in-park capacity based on a ‘design day.’

• Determine how much and what type of entertainment will keep guests coming back.

• Establish the optimal size and investment for your attendance targets

• Plan ride layout for impact and flow.

• Develop a sophisticated, fully immersive themed environment.


Deep outdoor park experience

Kids Slides has been in the business for decades; we have assisted multiple water park owners and new entrepreneurs. No one knows outdoor water parks better.

With thousands of rides installed in outdoor parks around Africa. Kids Slides has been instrumental in shaping the most iconic dreams and visions of entrepreneurs.




We can manufacture in any color required with images. We are prepared to add lots of excitement to your venue or park. We introduce product that add value and benefit our customers with a return on investment.


Call us today and let us bring some water fun to your back yard.



Keep your guests coming back with the best new rides and thrills, and do it efficiently and economically.

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We create the best and most legendary outdoor parks in the world, maximizing unique sites and natural features.

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