Multi Lane Slides and Party Venue Rainbow Slides

Multi Lane Slides for Parks and Party Venues.

With the multilane slides, the spirit of competition comes into the forefront as children tend to race with each other. While this boosts physical activity, it also sparks off a rush of energy and healthy dexterity. Slides have a universal appeal. Children are especially drawn to the unique way their structures allow them to tirelessly repeat an activity they enjoy. The multi - lane slides encourage children to keep themselves active and build physical strength, stamina and mental agility.The  Multilane Slide features a compact design with a center front entrance with multiple four-lane exit slides by means of a radically steep pitch that offers an exciting, fast, and safe ride for all. Visually, this modern-shaped slide offers a uniquely slick design with high sight lines for the attendant and huge thrills for all. Be the first to offer the revolution in slides for all markets!


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Fun, fun, and lots more fun.

The  multi lane slide can be manufacture in various lengths to suit your exact purpose. The venue will look amazing and add lots to your revenue streams.


The Slide is fun and exciting and can be used as a wet or dry slide. Kids will have hours of fun on this slide and keep asking the parents to go back.

We at Kids Slides are excited to introduce our multi lane rainbow slides, we manufacture these slides to the highest of standards and we know the will be a valuable asset to your party venue or play park.


We add the multi colors because kids love color and this attraction is sure to attract children to re visit over and over again.

We can manufacture in any color required with images. Glitter can be added at a additional cost to your project.


Call us today and let us bring some water fun to your back yard.


Beautiful in appearance

The rainbow slide just add excitement to your venue and will attract people for years to come. People love talking about certain attractions of parks and referring to the rainbow slide  will always have people talking about your venue.


We use UV Filters to avoid the slide from fading in the sun and we use the most vibrant colors.

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