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Pool Slides Water Slides and Water Park Slides

Swimming pool slides with a hose connector attached. Kids slides for sale. We are the leading slide manufacturer currently in South Africa supplying the most jungle gym companies with quality slides. With European markets buying from us we are the only slide manufacturer to comply with European standards. Your kid’s safety is our concern and we do not take shortcuts in selling slides with less materials than required. We will beat any price when comparing quality for quality. Pool slides can be set in the backyard as a backyard slide. We manufacture fiberglass slides that you can use as pool water slides, jungle gym slides, children's slides, playground slides, tube slides, play slides, jungle gym slides, “jungle gym slides”. There is no better slide manufacturer in South Africa than Kids slides. Kids Slides offers a huge selection of pool slides at competitive pricing and shipping rates. Shop and compare the best pool slides available for in ground pools. Pool slides bring fun and excitement to your pool. We offer a complete lineup of residential swimming pool slides to transform your backyard from boring to a personal water park in your own backyard!


Jungle Gym Slides and Playground Slides

We sell all fiberglass slides to use as outdoor slides or indoor slides. It also looks great as jungle gym slides with all the bright colors. Playground slides are the best for play parks. It will also look nice as a garden slide. Jungle gym slides can take up to 120kg. We use a marine gel-coat on our fiberglass slides. The playground slides can come in any color of your choice. Slides for sale, so come and buy the jungle gym slides now. Kids will play all day on these jungle gym slides. Jungle Gym childrens slides add extra fun to the outdoor activities of your children, as they can't get enough of going up-and-down again and again. We believe your children's Jungle gyms, playhouses, swings, slides & climbing frames should last. If you do too then talk to Kids Slides today. fiberglass products, fiberglass molds, fiberglass slides, fiberglass roof fiberglass slides, wave slide 3m,fiberglass slides, kids fiberglass slides, fiberglass pool.


Export Slides and Long Wave Slides

This Switzerland pool slide can also be used by adults; they can take a weight up to 600kg. These fiberglass slides have bigger sides and are safer for all the kids. These jungle gym slides can be wave or straight and they also come in different sizes. We are the Switzerland pool slide manufacturer and are the only slide company that exports to Switzerland and European countries. The straight slides are more for the bigger kids, because the wave slide decreases the speed when you slide down. These slide are mostly used for outdoor slides, because it is so big in comparing with the others. The Switzerland slide are very beautiful and are hand made with 6 layers of fiberglass mat. These slide are for sale by us. We at Kids slides are here to help you export all our pool slides, jungle gyms slides,


Monster Slides and Water Park Slides and Kids Party Venue

Many water-parks and lodges are using us to make their water-park one of a kind. We regularly install big monster slides and super tubes slides all our South Africa. These super tubes slides are the most beautiful slides in South Africa, because each one of them are made to the client’s specifications and unique style. We can build your dream monster slide that you always been dreaming of for a reasonable price. Our monster slides will take your breath away. Here at kids slides we make the biggest super tube slides that you have ever seen.


Multi Lane Slides and Kids Party Venue Slides

Our multi lane slides can be colorful as a rainbow that will blow your mind. Our multi lane slides are fiberglass slides. We put time and effort into our kids slides. We are the best slide manufacturer in South Africa. These slides can also be used as jungle gym slides. Children's slides are very important as we must look 100% at our slides before selling it just to make sure it is safe for them. Kids slides are the best slide manufacturer in the world with fiberglass slides and pool slides.


Climbing Grips and Climbing Walls

Blue, red, green and yellow are the colors you can choose from. At Kids slides we have different colors and sizes you can choose from to attach it to your jungle gym. All our climbing grips are unique and comes with a screw to screw it to the board. These bright climbing grips looks nice with our bright slide next to it – it just completes the circle. These climbing grips are made to last a long time and are so nice to have. These climbing grips will keep your kids busy for hours, where they can get exercise and have fun at the same time.



Jungle Gym Roofs and Playground Roofs

Do you want a roof on your jungle gym? Then this is the perfect thing to have – our jungle gym roofs. Our roofs are 1,2m x 1,2m in size and can also come in any color of your choice. This is a nice way to keep the sun away while your kids are playing in the garden on their jungle gym slide. It also looks nice with a backyard slide where you can enjoy all these in your own backyard. Kids slides offer more than anyone else jungle gym roofs, slides and much more. Jungle Gym slides needs their partner


Glitter and Custom Slides made to customer specification

We now offer you to design your own jungle gym slide or pool slide, where you can choose the color, if we must add glitter, pictures you want to add as well as its shape. We give you your choice of slide, we don’t only just sell standard slides- from now on it is your choice to choose. Your kid’s slides will be their best present because it is one that THEY have chosen. We have a variety of pictures that you can put on these jungle gym or pool slides such as Frozen, Toy Story, Thor, Minions, Cars, Flowers, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk and much more.


Spiral Slides Large and Small and Twirly Slides

We have two different types of spiral slides. One that is 1,6m high and another one with 2,4m high. These fiberglass spiral slides Is a great playground slide to have. Adults can also go on the 2,4m high senior spiral slide and the smaller one can only take 120kg. Our children's spiral slide can be used by a jungle gym or you can mount it to a platform where you fall into the swimming pool. The senior spiral slide has 3 bends where the junior spiral slide only has 2.



3m Wave or Straight Slide

Our most popular slide is our 3m all-purpose pool or Jungle Gym Slide available in two variants, from this slide upwards we can go smooth and sleek or wacky wavy for all ages with a maximum weight of 120kg.

1,2m to 2,8m Straight Slide

We manufacture in different sizes to fit your Jungle or Pool requirement, the sizes include the following, 1.2m, 1.8m, 2.4m and 2.8m. The slides are built to last and pass on to generations to come.

Monster Slide

We are one of the largest water park slide manufacturer in South Africa and offer solutions for different lengths of slides, from 5,6m to 60m, we have the solution for you.



Glitter and Custom Slides

We are the only company in South Africa to implement digital prints and glitter onto the slide surfaces. The images are underneath the gel coat meaning it won't fade in the sun.


3m Long Wide Slide (No Steps)

  Ages 2 - 14

Maximum Weight 120 Kg

400mm Wide

Various Colors (Purple Extra)

We are currently the largest slide manufacturer in South Africa and Africa with manufacturing capacity of more than 500 slides per month, we cater for the private individual, jungle gym companies,

water parks, kids party venues and whatever you dream up. We have a large extensive range but can also manufacture for the individual that needs a custom slide. Please take the time to browse through.

Pool Slides

We offer a range of slides from beginner/smaller children sized slides up to large, modular super tube slides.



Junior Spiral Slide

TWIST AND SHOUT! Spiral round & round with your hands in the air. Laughter echoing as you slide down to the bottom. Custom made for all ages.


Multi Lane Slide

The so-called lane slides which can be used simultaneously by several people to enjoy the speedy and at the same time exciting ride down are particularly fascinating. Additional sliding mats guarantee maximum speed which makes the slides first-class attractions.

Climbing Grips

We pride ourselves in providing different types of climbing holds for your next DIY project. With a large color variety and different shapes and sizes for hours of fun.


3m Pool Slide Set with Steps

  Ages 2 - 14

  Maximum Weight 120 Kg

  400mm Wide

  Various Colors (Purple Extra)

1,2m to 3m Jungle Jim Slide

We manufacture in different sizes to fit your Jungle or project requirement, the sizes include the following, 1.2m, 1.8m, 2.4m and 2.8m. The slides are built to last and pass on to generations to come.

Large Spiral Slide

TWIST AND SHOUT! Spiral round & round with your hands in the air. We make the slide extra strong and we very high in demand for children venues or private use.


Export Slides

Made to European Standards, with a special marine gel coating and UV filters. Our color pigment is inside the gel coat which means the sun won’t fade or scratch off your color or design. It’s also harder than General purpose gel coat.


Jungle Gym Roofs

We can offer a Jungle Gym Roof for your next project matching your slide color, the roofs look better than wooden roofs and is much more affordable.


3m Narrow STD Slide

  Ages 2 - 5

  Maximum Weight 45 Kg

  260mm Wide

  Green & Blue Only

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